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Event Manager

Events required to be noted/approved by the Board of Directors of the Company
  • Change in Directors by appointment, reappointment, ceasing, resignation, death, vacation, removal etc.
  • Appointment of Managing Director/ Whole Time Director/Executive Director and fixation or revision in their remunerations.
  • Appointment of a person as Managing Director/ Manager who is Managing Director/ Manager of another company
  • Allotment of Shares, Debentures, Preference Shares.
  • Transfer, Transmission, transposition, deletion, consolidation, sub division of shares
  • Issue of share certificates or duplicate share certificates
  • Authorization of Buy – back of its own securities
  • Application for obtaining borrowings from Bankers, financial institutions, others etc.
  • Execution of documents for borrowing on behalf of Company.
  • Increase in borrowing limits, amendments in terms and conditions, satisfaction of limits. etc.
  • Acceptance of unsecured loans from the Directors or Shareholder or directors relatives
  • Capital expenditures for acquisition/ purchase of any assets or for disposal/ sale of assets and signing of any agreements in this connection.
  • Any transaction like inter corporate deposits, borrowings, investments, etc. or any other investments.
  • Any transaction with the group companies, firms, proprietary concernt etc in which director or their relatives are interested.
  • Director of the Company has obtained directorship in another Company or become a partner in any other firm.
  • Declaration of Dividend
  • Transfer of Profits to Reserves.
  • Payment of Commission to the Directors.
  • Payment of sitting fees to Director or increase in sitting fees.
  • Opening of Bank Account on the name of the Company.
  • Changes in Authorised Signatories for operation of bank accounts or any change in operating instructions.
  • Shifting of Registered Office of the Company within the postal limits of the city, town or village.
  • Opening/ Closing of any Branch office of the Company.
  • Take over of any other business or to acquire partnership in any other firm.
  • Application for registration of Trademarks, patents etc.
  • Application for any license or for obtaining any permission and filing of petitions, court cases, suits etc
  • Appointment of authorized representatives to act on behalf of the Company.
  • Appointment of professionals by way of power of attorney or delegation of powers.
  • Donations to trusts, societies etc.
  • Loans to Directors or to their relatives or the firms or Companies in which they are interested.
  • Appointment of Director or relative on place of profit in the Company.
  • Change in accounting year or financial year of the Company.
  • Extension of time to hold Annual General Meeting.
  • Co-option of Nominee Directors on the Board.
  • Any agreement executed under the common seal of the Company.
  • Approval of Accounts, Directors Report, Notice etc.
  • Calling of any General Meeting of the members
  • Filling of casual vacancies (section 262).
  • Any other specific event.
Events required to be approved by the Shareholders of the Company.
  • Appointment of New Auditors in place of existing Auditors.
  • Confirmation of Appointment of Additional Director and retirement of Directors by rotation.
  • Increase in Authorised Capital of the Company.
  • Shifting of Registered office outside the postal limits of the city or outside the state.
  • Alteration in Memorandum by change in object clause or any change in Articles of Association.
  • Issue of Bonus Shares.
  • Appointment of any relative or Director in place of profit in the Company.
  • Removal of Director.
Filing of returns/ forms with the Registrar on happening of events.
Sr. No. Event Form No. Within
1. Any Change in Directors 32 30 Days
2. Appointment of Managing Director or amendment in terms & conditions 23 30 Days
3. Appointment of Whole time, Executive Directors or secretary or manager. 32 30 Days
4. Allotment of Shares 2 30 Days
5. Creation/ modification of charge 8 30 Days
6. Registration of charge for debenture 10 30 Days
7. Satisfaction of Charge 17 30 Days
8. Shifting of Registered office: Within postal limits of city Outside postal limits of city Outside the state between two ROC in one state 18 18,23 & CLB petition Form 1AD/ RD approval and filing of 18 & 23 30 Days
9. Disclosure of Interest by director 24AA Immediately to Company
10. Increase in Authorized Share Capital 5,23 30 Days
11. Change in Object clauses of Memorandum 23 30 Days
12. Filing of Balance Sheet and P & L 23AC B/S 23ACA private co - P&L Within 30 days from the date of AGM
13. Secretarial Compliance Certificate 66 Within 30 days from the date of AGM
14. Filing of Annual return 20B Within 60 days from the date of AGM
15. Filing of any Special Resolution 23 30 Days
16. Resolution for Issue of Bonus Shares 32 30 Days
17. Amendment in Articles of Association 23 30 Days
18. Form of Application to ROC 61  
19. Form of Application or serving of documents on central government 65  
20. Form of application for change of Name/ conversion of Public to private 1B 30 Days
21. Notice of the court’s/ Company Law Board’s order 21 As per relevant section
22. Statement in lieu of advertisement/ SLP/ prospectus to ROC 61 30 Days
23. Statutory Report/ other documents to ROC 62  
24. Application for name availability Form 1A  
25. Acceptance of Deposits by private company Allowed only from Directors, their Relatives or members  
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