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DIN - Director Identification number

DIN is the requirement under the provisions of section 266 of the Companies Act. 1956.

DIN is mandatory for all existing and proposed directors of the Company.

DIN is unique, and lifetime identification number DIN is used as the identity of the person.

Application in electronic form and thereafter in physical mode is required to be made to MCA.

Details required for processing of DIN application:
  • Full name of the father. (in case of married woman's also this is compulsory)
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Full present residential address
  • Full permanent residential address, if the present address is not permanent residential address
  • Phone number available at both the address.
  • Mobile No
  • Your personal e mail id, if any
  • Current Occupation
  • Educational Qualification
  • Nationality
  • PAN in case of Resident and Passport in case of Non-resident or Foreign National
  • Photo copy of proof of identity: i.e. 1. Passport 2. Election (voter identity) card 3. Driving license 4. Income-tax PAN card
  • Photo copy of proof of residence: i.e. 1. Passport 2. Election (voter identity) card 3. Driving license 4. Ration Card 5. Electricity bill 6. Telephone bill 7. Bank Account statement
  • Latest passport size photograph.
In case of foreign nationals or NRI passport is compulsory and the address proof to be submitted by them should mention their complete address and the same should be duly attested by the Indian Consulate/ managing director or a director or company secretary or CEO of the company in which such person is a director. Similarly if the said copies are in the language other than Hindi or English, a translated version of the same in Hindi or English form also required to be submitted.

For further details and application for please click on the following link of official website of MCA


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