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After Change Of Name & Object

Steps After change of name / after alteration in the object clause of the Memorandum of the Company
  • Conduct the Board Meeting to place the new certificates before the Board, and to take note of new name of the Company, alteration in object of the Company.
  • Incorporate necessary changes in the name clause and object clause in every copy of Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of the Company.
  • Private company can commence new business specified in altered object immediately and for public company compliance under section 149 is required.
  • Attach the copy of new certificates ( both the certificates) issued by the Registrar of Companies, to the amended set of Memorandum and Articles of Association next to the original incorporation certificate.
  • Make changes in letter heads, vouchers, registers, bills, records, documents, office stationery and visiting cards of the officials of the Company and in all other documents where the name of the Company is appearing.
  • Change the sign board of the Company affixed at the place of registered office and other offices.
  • Prepare the new Common Seal for the Company with the new name.
  • Prepare rubber seal of the Company with the new name
  • Arrange to change the name of the Company on share certificates issued by the Company. The same may be done by affixing the sticker of new name.
  • Inform all the government and other authorities about change of name by suitable letters or applications and follow the process prescribed for changing the name of the Company.
  • Get the licenses and permission amended to reflect the new name of the Company by following the process prescribed.
  • Inform the change of name of the Company to the Income Tax department with the advice of your tax consultants/ Auditors.
  • Inform the change of name of the Company to the bankers and submit copy of change of name certificate.
  • Get the name of the company changed on the property card, municipal records, land records, 7/12 records, Grampanchyat records etc.
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